Ogrelogic Solutions CEO, Manan Vashisht’s Take on Venturing into Different Business Verticals

Ogrelogic Solutions completes its 3rd year on June 29, 2018. I am very proud to announce the success that my company has achieved over the past three years. We have grown tremendously and have dealt with numerous clients with various business needs and requirements during this period. These three years also gave me an opportunity to grow personally and professionally and explore different businesses. Now, the Ogrelogic game is taking a serious turn. With the completion of three years, Ogrelogic Solutions has decided to venture into different business verticals and introduce new services to our clients.

With the start of the fourth year, Ogrelogic Solutions aims at diving into detailed IT consulting and become a thriving software company. With IT consulting on our checklist, we will have to diligently develop and reinforce our advisory skills, technical skills, business skills, communication skills, management skills, advisory language skills, business and management language skills, and technical language skills. These are some tough challenges that would come our way and we are geared up to face them confidently.

Ogrelogic Solutions will now dedicatedly focus working on more technologies and work as a dedicated resource management company. Up until now, I have always called us as startups but 2018-2019 will see Ogrelogic Solutions as a growing company. Till now Ogrelogic Solutions was in the SMB (small and medium-sized businesses) market but now we are pitching in for bigger companies. We, in fact, have got big businesses from Fortune 1000 companies and have been able to develop great partnerships in the US, Australia, and Canada. The idea now is to expose Ogrelogic Solutions to the other parts of the world as well.

The year 2018-2019 will see us focusing on the products market. We have made products earlier but we made them for our clients. Now, we are key focusing on making our own products and tap the healthcare business, human resource business, and financial business.

With that being said, I hope the year 2018-2019 will be an exciting year for me and everybody at Ogrelogic Solutions to discover new growth as individuals and as a company.


Things to remember when talking with Potential Business Clients

Talking with a potential business client for the first time can be overwhelming and very exciting. However, it is crucial to have yourself prepared in order to have a successful conversation with the client that turns into a business. You need to be organized and be able to achieve the most important task of gaining your client’s trust and achieving a successful business relationship.

So, here are some things to remember when talking with potential business clients:

  1. Have an Agenda

Always makes sure that you send an e-mail denoting the main points that you will be covering and encourage your clients to add to it. This not only impresses the client but also adds a structure to the discussion, in turn, making the conversation to flow smoothly and without wasting much time.

  1. Try to be Informal

The first conversation or the meeting you have with a potential business client tells a lot about your personality and fit. Clients will try figuring out if you are the right people to work for them. By informal I mean, set a mood from the very beginning of the conversation and let your clients know that they can ask questions any time. The conversation should be a form of discussion and not a lecture.

  1. Be Curious about the Client

Use this opportunity to get to know your client as much as you can. Allow them to talk about themselves and their business. You must also be prepared with questions that help you determine what kind of people and business they are.

  1. Serve your Services as Solutions to Client’s Questions

Listen to your clients patiently and be ready to position your services and solutions to match their needs. This proactive approach will not only impress your clients but also convince them that you are the right type of people to get their job done.

  1. Don’t Overly Discuss Money

Avoid discussing money and budget at the early stage of the conversation. You must always frame the discussion around the client’s problems and solutions.

These tips if brought into practice can actually help gain your potential client’s trust and as well as convince them to hire you for their job.

Thank you for reading.

Business Trip to Expand the Business in USA

I have noticed that many Indian companies are logically drawn to the U.S. when they choose to expand internationally. After all, the American marketplace offers lots of attractions—geographic closeness, a well-known language and culture, and a business-friendly atmosphere.

Manan Vashisht USA TripWhen I was planning to visit USA for our business expansion then I thought doing business in USA will be the same as in India. But I have a totally different experience here in USA. U.S. has various markets, and it’s a very competitive environment. So I must do my homework for business expansion here in USA.

Many of the Indian companies that expand to the U.S. without carrying out the essential arrangements are often constrained by such factors as insufficient financial resources, a lack of understanding of the complication of U.S. markets and a failure to clearly discriminate their product or service.

But, as countless Indian companies have proven, expanding into the American market is not only promising, but can be well profitable when done right.

If you are looking to expand your business into the USA, then you will need to form an auxiliary company. An auxiliary company is a permissible entity that can operate in the US market without revealing your parent business to more risk than needed. Make a decision upon the lawful structure of this auxiliary, find out the set of laws on taxation and select a state to operate in.

I have been there in the USA in many business trips which helped me to expand my business. I am very busy with my business meetings right now so don’t have too much time to write a lengthy post. There are many meetings scheduled with the new clients. I hope it will be a successful business trip again in the USA.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Celebrating 2nd Anniversary of OgreLogic

29th June 2017 marked the second anniversary of Ogrelogic. On this occasion, both the co-founders, Mr. Manan Vashisht and Mr. Gaurav Sharma, shared their vision and experiences.

Mr. Manan discussed how the idea of Ogrelogic was germinated and how the determination and experience of the founders turned it into a reality. Different milestones in this professional journey were shared by him. While addressing the team members, Mr. Manan compared the momentum of Ogrelogic to that of a bullet train. He also appreciated some of the key employees that have contributed to the success of the organization.

Mr. Manan told how privileged he is to have a team of like-minded professionals. He also discussed his aim of transforming the organization from Good to Great. He mentioned that Ogrelogic is presently in its exponential phase, as it has already passed the tipping point.Manan Vashisht

Even the employees shared what they felt working in the company and how they have evolved as the professionals. Every team member was excited to receive tees with the logo of Ogrelogic printed on them. The celebration concluded with the clicking of the photographs and refreshments. You can see a group of Ogres in the posted picture.

Here is the Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1877121602539520/

My Life from an Employee to an Entrepreneur

Throughout my professional career, the values bestowed upon me by my parents have stayed as pillars of strength. From working in IT/ITES sector to co-founding one of the most trusted digital marketing agencies in Texas, my journey has helped me grow as a professional, and as a human.

One of the biggest achievements came in the form of my tenure at Wildnet Technologies as a Global Business Head. It taught me what it takes to be a leader rather than just a manager. It was during this phase that I honed my skills related to CRM, Vendor Management, HR management, and other abilities needed to make a business successful.

To implement the knowledge acquired from multiple industries, I co-founded Ogrelogic, an Austin, Texas-based digital marketing and mobile app development firm, in 2015. While working as a CEO of this firm, my aim has remained to bring a paradigm shift in the world of online business.

OgreLogic Team

Apart from all the technical and managerial skills, one thing that I learned during my association with multiple IT/ITES firms is that efficient communication with clients has the power to turn an ordinary firm into a reputable brand. And this is why I encourage every business development executive and project manager to actively listen to the needs of the client and create the solution accordingly.

Talking about the production team, my focus has remained on encouraging every team member to apply a blend of technology and creativity for surpassing the expectations of clients. The focus on the use of latest tools, along with the recruitment of adept individuals, has translated into company’s accelerated growth.

Apart from my professional life, I am actively involved in various sports. This involvement has helped me learn the importance of discipline, teamwork, and goal setting.

I expect the continuous evolution of Orgrelogic as per the industry’s changing dynamics will help us achieve the pinnacle of success.

Co Founder at Ogrelogic

Business Development Lessons

My idea is very simple for Business Development as I am doing it since last 15 years. In my entire career I have learnt a many lessons in business development industry through my eperience.

Here I am sharing some ideas for being a successful Business Development Manager:

– Support and inspire each other with help and advice of the people around you
– Solve business issues through group mentoring with appropriate industry experts
– Connect with others to get more clarity on those areas in which you are lacking
– Keep you updated with the latest technologies will open the doors for you in Business Development
– Help you find and consider opportunities to develop and grow your business development skills


Ogrelogic’s Mantra to Great Business Development !!!

It’s the 100 percent contribution of each and every process that makes a business successful. In our line of work, we believe business development is as important as delivering finest results to our clients.

business development strategy

And, to extract the maximum potential of this process, we use a planned approach. This involves keeping the efforts organized. Keeping clear and concise notes is also a major part of it. During each call, the objective is to understand the problems faced by a business and offer a solution from our end.

We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of our workforce when it comes to business development. This understanding allows us to delegate a task that aptly matches the skills of the employee. Every call (whether a success or not) is a learning experience. At the end of the day, it is the team effort that helps us get the results.

Getting success in business development is not the end. It is the beginning of a never-ending journey with the aim to delight the clients, without any pit stops.

How to Cover the Mission, Vision and Values

I think my first responsibility as a CEO in my mind is to Own the Vision. I employ the word vision to cover the mission, vision, morals, and overall approach of the company. I realize how to balance total liability with restricted control; I must speak the complete vision in a convincing manner. This allows everybody to know how their input is part of the corporate vision and to make decisions that sustain it. Whether speaking to employees, shareholders or customers, I know how to hold each spectator and obviously communicate the direction of the company. Part of this is transmission to each group what’s in it for them if the vision is realized.

For employees, the incentive is somewhat financial but it is also contributing to a rising organization that provides chance for bigger responsibility and nonstop learning. It works only if each employee knows where the company is going and how their individual work – counting their daily routines – contributes to this. One question arises in my mind is: Does each employee in my business recognize the goals of the company and how their individual goals relate to the higher level company goals? This correlation is critical for employees to sensitively connect. By tying their goals to the goals of the company and pursuing a general mission and vision, the employees feel part of something greater than themselves.

I am on a mission to promote a sustainable business environment for employees. I understand that each set and even each person may be motivated by somewhat unusual rewards are key to tailoring the message properly. We can not change the vision for each group but simply focus on the value that each group individually receives from accomplishing the mission. I look to find a way to rally a various group to a common origin by tailoring the message to each.

Resource URL: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/my-vision-cover-mission-values-manan-vashisht

My Vision and Professional Goals

Through my blog post, I would like to share my vision and professional goals. The idea of Ogrelogic was incepted when I realized that numerous companies were unable to reach their target consumers, in spite of a good product or a service. These companies were yet to exploit the potential of the online world to promote their brand. Through Ogrelogic, I aspired to bridge the gap between these firms and their respective customers.

This vision of efficient marketing of client’s brands through different channels, like social media, search engine optimization, etc., was incomplete without a proficient team. Therefore, my focus relied on handpicking the individuals who had mastered their skills in these domains. Slowly, the collective efforts of each of these experts became visible in the form of positive results of our clients.

The idea has always remained to lead the team by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each member. This has encouraged the members to remain passionate for their respective tasks, which, ultimately, resulted in superior results. This method of working has also helped the team to improve their skills with each passing day. Other than teamwork, it is the knack to adapt as per the volatile nature of the digital world that has kept the team charged to delight the clients.

With the modus operandi of refining the processes on a constant basis, I believe that Ogrelogic will continue to serve different businesses across the globe.

Om Info Logic LLP. Has launched www.Shikshasudhar.com

New Delhi : Om Info Logic LLP. Has launched www.Shikshasudhar.com,
an ITenabled innovative and socially enthusiastic movement, seeking a solution to
the plight of parents who are unhappy with the way schools treat them thus
creating a mass movement to understand the Education Process of K 12 in


Shikshasudhar.com, an initiative, is an online portal providing, not just information
to parents of school going Children about their rights, but also giving end to end
assistance against the problems that parents face starting with admission of their
wards and till 12th (Intermediate) standard pertaining to malpractices by school

Reference URL: http://newsdog.today/a/article/57d02cae12907145731c7dc7/