My Life from an Employee to an Entrepreneur

Throughout my professional career, the values bestowed upon me by my parents have stayed as pillars of strength. From working in IT/ITES sector to co-founding one of the most trusted digital marketing agencies in Texas, my journey has helped me grow as a professional, and as a human.

One of the biggest achievements came in the form of my tenure at Wildnet Technologies as a Global Business Head. It taught me what it takes to be a leader rather than just a manager. It was during this phase that I honed my skills related to CRM, Vendor Management, HR management, and other abilities needed to make a business successful.

To implement the knowledge acquired from multiple industries, I co-founded Ogrelogic, an Austin, Texas-based digital marketing and mobile app development firm, in 2015. While working as a CEO of this firm, my aim has remained to bring a paradigm shift in the world of online business.

OgreLogic Team

Apart from all the technical and managerial skills, one thing that I learned during my association with multiple IT/ITES firms is that efficient communication with clients has the power to turn an ordinary firm into a reputable brand. And this is why I encourage every business development executive and project manager to actively listen to the needs of the client and create the solution accordingly.

Talking about the production team, my focus has remained on encouraging every team member to apply a blend of technology and creativity for surpassing the expectations of clients. The focus on the use of latest tools, along with the recruitment of adept individuals, has translated into company’s accelerated growth.

Apart from my professional life, I am actively involved in various sports. This involvement has helped me learn the importance of discipline, teamwork, and goal setting.

I expect the continuous evolution of Orgrelogic as per the industry’s changing dynamics will help us achieve the pinnacle of success.


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