Celebrating 2nd Anniversary of OgreLogic

29th June 2017 marked the second anniversary of Ogrelogic. On this occasion, both the co-founders, Mr. Manan Vashisht and Mr. Gaurav Sharma, shared their vision and experiences.

Mr. Manan discussed how the idea of Ogrelogic was germinated and how the determination and experience of the founders turned it into a reality. Different milestones in this professional journey were shared by him. While addressing the team members, Mr. Manan compared the momentum of Ogrelogic to that of a bullet train. He also appreciated some of the key employees that have contributed to the success of the organization.

Mr. Manan told how privileged he is to have a team of like-minded professionals. He also discussed his aim of transforming the organization from Good to Great. He mentioned that Ogrelogic is presently in its exponential phase, as it has already passed the tipping point.Manan Vashisht

Even the employees shared what they felt working in the company and how they have evolved as the professionals. Every team member was excited to receive tees with the logo of Ogrelogic printed on them. The celebration concluded with the clicking of the photographs and refreshments. You can see a group of Ogres in the posted picture.

Here is the Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1877121602539520/


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